ERR… What do I do!?

If you’ve ever seen a blinking “Err” message on your Nikon DSLR,
DON’T PANIC. Of all the different error codes, this one is generally the most common and can usually, be easily fixed.

Why is this happening?
Your camera sucks. Kidding. Your camera is actually very good and it’s mechanisms are very sophisticated and advanced, which is why this is happening in the first place.

The reason the blinking error appears is because your camera body is not effectively communicating with the lens that is mounted on it. What does this mean? Well, in order for your camera to function properly, the lens and the camera body must relay important information to each other, including aperture settings, auto focusing, power, and more. 

How does it do this?
This information is all relayed through the small pins (called lens contacts and camera contacts) you will find inside your camera body and on your lens. If you’re lost don’t worry, take a look at the images below and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you never understood why these “pins” were there, now you know what they actually do;)

If your camera body and lens aren’t making complete contact on ALL of these pins, they will not be able to communicate effectively and BAM – your camera will give you the “ERR” message.

Lens Contacts
Camera Contacts

It’s actually quite simple.  Just follow these steps:

1) Dismount your camera lens
If you don’t know how to do this, listen up. Turn off your camera and press the lens release button that looks like this.

red circle_1
Lens Release Button

While holding down the lens release button, rotate the lens clock wise until it dismounts. (Right after you do this, put the camera cap immediately back onto your camera body to prevent any dust/dirt from getting inside.)




2. Clean the lens contacts
Now that you’ve dismounted your lens, clean the lens contacts by wiping them in a circular motion with a soft dry cloth or microfibre cloth. Try to avoid touching the glass on the back of your lens.

3. Clean the camera contacts
Remove the camera cap from the camera body, and do the same thing you did when cleaning the lens contacts. Wipe them with a soft dry cloth or microfibre cloth in a circular motion.

4. Re-attach your lens to your camera and see if it worked
As mentioned earlier, the “ERR” message occurs because your camera body is not effectively communicating with the lens that is mounted on it. This usually happens because the camera contacts and the lens contacts can obtain grease or dirt, which prevent the “pins” from making complete contact.

By cleaning and wiping them down, it should be an easy fix.

What if it didn’t work
Let us know if it worked for you or if you’re still having problems.

If the “ERR” message is still appearing, try mounting another lens onto your camera.
If the message is STILL not gone, your camera could be damaged. Inspect the camera contacts and the lens contacts, and try to see if you can detect any obvious, visible damage.

In the case one of your contacts is damaged, you’ll need to contact an authorized repair service centre for further help.

See links below to NIKON’s repair services
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