“F**k the OSCARS”

The 2017 Game Awards were broadcast globally last night, and the world wide audience was given quite the show.

Among many highlights, the “jet-lagged” Josef Fares rant was definately one for the books. The writer/director of  “A Way Out”, was there to feature his upcoming game, and was on stage with Geoff Keighley when he stole the show. You’ll have to see it to believe it…

He said what!? You heard him. The passionate Josef Fares thinks the Oscars should “fuck themselves up”, quite the opinion. He then apologizes for taking up too much time, politely asks if he’s allowed to swear, and continues on to repeatedly yell “FUCK THE OSCARS” before flipping off the camera. And we thought Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nipple slip was bad. Gotta LOVE live events!

After immediately checking social media after the incident, I was surprised to see the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

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Despite his outburst receiving most of the attention, let’s not allow it to overshadow the reason he was on stage in the first place. His new game, “A Way Out” is unique in it’s own right, as it is a co-op multiplayer gaming experience that must be played with someone else, either locally or online. That’s right, there is no single player mode. Some people may be turned off by this, but he says he wanted to create a gaming experience different from anything anyone’s ever played before. What’s even more awesome about it is that you actually only need to purchase one copy of the game, not two. Once one person owns it, they can invite a friend to play it with them for free.

Check out the trailer revealed at The Game Awards.

If anything, a real positive that can be taken from this is his undeniable passion, which we saw expressed in grand fashion. But apparently it’s not unlike him to say outlandish things, as it’s part of his personality.  In an interview with IGN at E3 in June, he promised the interviewer she could saw off his leg with a chainsaw if she wasn’t satisfied with his game. Joking aside, his confidence, passion and drive came through in a number of memorable statements throughout the IGN interview:

“I live, breathe this game. I’m so sure of it. When you play from beginning to end, you will understand why. It’s so different in many ways, the way it tells the story, the way you play it, the way it’s presented, the way you are experiencing a co-op story together.”

“How I am, is I’m a passion driven person. I really feel that this industry, from a creative perspective, there’s so many things to be discovered here. So the first thing I ask myself is, what do I wanna play? That’s the only thing I think about, and if my heart pumps, then i’m fine. I want something where two people can experience something emotional together”

“Just play it. I’m so excited I almost wanna fly. Sometimes I can’t even go to sleep.”

The official release date was announced for March 23, 2018. Is it worth all the hype? Let us know what you think.