Fire and burn hazards? Ouch.

A few hours ago, HP announced a worldwide recall for lithium-ion batteries compatible with their notebook computers and mobile workstations. The affected battery packs, which are manufactured in China, are stated to have the potential to overheat. The overheated battery packs can cause melting, charring, minor or first degree burns, and property damage.

Recall notices have been issued by agencies worldwide, including the United States Consumer Safety Product Commission,  the Government of Canada’s Recall and Safety Alert board, and Mexico’s Consumer Protection Federal Agency.

The batteries that may be affected were sold from the time period between December 2015 – December 2017, in stores and online at authorized retail dealers and websites.

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Did you just find out you have one of the HP products listed above?
Don’t panic. Even if you haven’t had an experience with your HP battery over heating, all users should immediately stop using their products and go to the HP Battery Recall Website to check if their battery is affected. To do this, simply use the HP Battery Program Validation Utility.

The batteries are internal to the system, meaning they are not customer replaceable. If your battery is affected HP will offer a battery replacement by an authorized technician at no cost.