How to Make sure you’re always working with the best Adobe Programs

If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber and currently use one or more of Adobe’s programs, you can easily keep each of your programs consistently up to date using their desktop app. Simple to use, the desktop app will allow you to keep track of your programs and ensure you always have their latest versions. As Adobe constantly strives to improve their programs and expand their capabilities, each new version will come with bug improvements as well as new, useful tools and features.

Here’s how to download the Creative Cloud Desktop App, and make sure your programs are always up to date.

1. Go to the Adobe Website and click to download the Creative Cloud Desktop App for either Windows, or Mac.

2. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the installation instructions indicated on the website.

3. Once you’ve finished the installation, the Creative Cloud Icon will be displayed in the Menu Bar at the top (Mac) or in the system tray (Windows). You can open Creative Cloud by simply clicking the icon. Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.58.10 PM

*If you fail to see the Creative Cloud Icon anywhere, you can open the desktop app directly by finding it within your applications.

4. Once you’ve opened the desktop app, open the APPS section.


5. In the APPS section, you’l find a list of the Creative Cloud programs that are currently installed on your computer. Depending on the type of Creative Cloud subscription you have, the types or programs that are available to you will vary. Any additional programs you wish to download will be available through purchase (monthly subscription cost).

Any programs that have an update available will appear in the UPDATES section at the top.


6. In the example shown, Photoshop is up to date (CC 2018), but Illustrator has an update available.

*You can also see a description of the improvements and new features that are included with the update. To do this, click “What’s New?” underneath any of the programs that have an update available.


After clicking “What’s New?”, a new page will open in your web browser, offering a description of the features included with that program.


7. Click UPDATE.


8. A dialogue box will appear, notifying you that previous versions of  your program will be  removed.


9. Once you’ve clicked update, your program will begin downloading, and the percentage of completion will be displayed.


10. Once the download is complete, “OPEN” will appear and you’ll be able to launch and begin using the program.


Be sure to consistently check your your Creative Cloud Desktop App for notifications and available updates.